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iCues memory usage


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I know this issue as been discussed before on the forum, but i couldn't find an usefull solution.


Basically, iCue is using 250+MB of memory. I have 16GB of RAM so it really isn't that much, but it seems it could be using a lot less and I'd like to free up memory usage for other, more demanding tasks. I've seen people post iCue only uses 20 or 30 MB for them, and that seems more decent, considering it's a background software that I only use to turn off the 1 led on my mouse. (And discord, for example, only uses about 130MB)


I'm using iCue v. 3.27.68 and firmware v. 3.11 for my HARPOON RGB PRO


EDIT: One other solution would be to turn off the led without iCue, but i don't know if that is possible.

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