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H150i Pro - Control Pump and Fans in BIOS? Buggy iCUE


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Is it possible to control the H150i Pro pump speed and fans speed via BIOS control.


Can the pump and fans be connected to MOBO headers for this purpose?


I have Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master.


The reason I ask is the iCUE software is very buggy.

Even though I have tried uninstall/reboot/reinstall/reboot and several other suggestions the most current version of the software is continually crashing all the time:


Fault bucket , type 0

Event Name: CLR20r3

Response: Not available

Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:

P1: Corsair.Service.DisplayAdapter


P3: 5e58dc27

P4: System.Management

P5: 4.8.3752.0

P6: 5c7a241f

P7: 8a

P8: 51

P9: PSZQOADHX1...........



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Don't know if it's possible via BIOS, but if you don't want iCUE to be active, just install it, set pump/fans speed, save the data to the AIO and uninstall iCUE.

You will loose the monitoring but AIO will keep on functioning as you set.



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No, you cannot control the pump or fans from the BIOS. Both are only controllable through the software.


You really don't need to change pump speed. 99% of users can park in on balanced and leave it. Even on power hungry 250W processors, most people report a 0-1C difference between that and extreme. Not worth the noise. You could then move the fans to motherboard for more direct noise control, although finding an appropriate control variable can be challenging. CPU temp is too erratic and not really related to the fans purpose on the radiator. The good news is most newer motherboards in the top half of the price range will have a 2 prong 10K thermistor connector somewhere on the board. The 10K sensor costs a few dollars and you run it up to the exhaust side of the radiator. For all practical purposes, radiator exhaust temp = coolant temp, or close enough with a fixed offset to make it the same for control purposes.


Of course, the easiest option is going to be to go into iCUE, set your lighting, pump and radiator fan speed to the level you want. Make sure this is based on coolant temp (H150i temp). Then quit iCUE and direct the OS not to start the software on boot. The cooler will run those settings until you tell it differently. Leave iCUE installed so you can load up, make a quick lighting change (or whatever), then quit again. If you don't have any other iCUE products, there isn't a lot of downside other than potentially losing real time coolant temp monitoring.

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