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will H80i V2 fit on my system?


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Hi everybody

i have temperatur problems with my 7700k not OC

at the moment i have installed a air cooler be quiet shadow rock slim


I'm thinking to remove it and install a corsair H80i V2

but i'm not sure it will fit.


my case is the corsair carbide 100R and my motherboard is MSI Z270 PC mate.

I'm trying to take measures inside my case as much precise i can

and it look as installing the H80i, that the inner fan will stay in part above the pump module, I don't know the size of the pump module of the H80i and

considering that the distance between the wall of the case and the cpu is little bit more of 160 mm, I 'm not sure it will fit.

I know (reading the specs ) that the R100 case is compatible with the h80i,

but i don't know if it is compatible (regarding the measures) with my motherboard installed in the 100R.

let's say i don't know it the distance of the cpu from the back of the case is the same for all the motherboard....

thanks for the help

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