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Received an error message saying something along the lines of "macros disabled"


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I launched ICUE when I noticed my macros were not working and got an error message saying my macros failed to launch or something like that. I have a K70 RGB keyboard and a Scimitar as my mouse. I am still running software version 2.7.78, so this could be the problem and i might have to update my mouse/keyboard firmware, as i have never done this and have owned the keyboard and mouse for around 2 years. However, I have heard stories about peoples keyboards being bricked after updates and other things along the lines of that. Any advice? Thanks.


P.S. My mouse firmware is v.2.04, my keyboard is v.2.05, and my ICUE software is v2.7.78, but when i press "check for update" a message comes up saying "Corsair Utility Engine has detected an error during Software update check".

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