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new HS70 Pro Auto shutdown initiated while active

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In iCUE under settings, what do you have the Sleep Mode timer set to? When this occurs, is there audio playing over the headset or over the mic? Also try performing a Force Firmware update in the same settings tab.
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same issue for me here, having a HS70 Pro for a few days.

It keeps emitting "Auto Shutdown Initiated", gives double beeps every now and then and after some time it cancels the auto shutdown. After some time, it starts over again.


This all happens while listening to music, having a video call with and without the mic activated.


Enable auto shutoff is enabled and set to the default 5 minutes.

iCUE and firmware are the latest version.

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This happened to my HS70, which i have bought for more than 1 year.

I was all well before. And after the iCue version 3.25.60 (suspicious only). The auto-shutdown is basically not functioning. It would either:

1. initiate auto-shutdown even when the headset is in use

2. do NOT wake up when the sounds play again (before, it would "wake up" when you play a sound during sleep, e.g. playing a youtube video)

3. in the latest firmware 3.28.70, or its previous release, it would NEVER initiate auto-shutdown even if it is set in iCue. So if you forget to manually shutdown or charge the headset before you go to sleep, it will drain all the battery.


Restoring iCue to previous (very old) version seems doesn't help much.


I am giving up all my cosair peripherals as the new iCue is really buggy and crappy.

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I'm also having the same problem, it's very anoying to keep pressing the power button to avoid auto shutdown while playing....

Please fix this issue, this shouldn't be a problem on headphones of this price tag.


It's been an issue since mine were new, the support people were unable to help.


I think we just have to close icue, and when this headset dies ... purchase something from someone else.

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Well, for sure it's not a very good first impression...

Firmware v0.01??? Is this beta testing?


Try performing the update to iCUE 3.33.246 that zaphodikus mentioned, and verify if the issue continues. If there is no notification (beep) while iCUE is shutdown, it is less likely to be firmware related. I'll have to follow up with our developers to confirm that, but usually the case.

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If I enable auto-shutdown on iCUE and then I stop iCUE I still face this issue.

But I wasn't able to find this problem while listenning to Spotify, only while playing games, and this can actually point to what zaphodikus is saying. Maybe Spotify is playing lowder and more consistent and the driver is picking it up and not game sounds??

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I bought my HS70 Pro last week and had only about 6-8 hours single player gaming experience (so no mic input except from munching some chips), but didn't notice any problems.


But today I used the headset for work, during multiple video conferences.

I got the 'Auto shutdown initiated' multiple times, and at all times I was the moderator and activly speaking...


I'm quite dissappointed with this performance

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I do have the last iCUE version 3.33.246. and problem still persists.

It doesn't happen always but when it starts happening I need to close iCUE. This is very anoying...


EXACT same issue for me, I signed up just to post this. Listening to music or youtube and it wants to shut down constantly. Also on 3.33. Closing iCue "fixes" the problem.


I was otherwise super happy with this product but the mic quit working so I re-installed iCue and now this. SMH

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  • Corsair Employees

Have you tried repairing iCUE? This should reinstall the drivers for the headset and software:


Unplug your USB headphones.

Close iCUE.

Go to your Control Panel.

Click on Programs.

Click on Uninstall a Program.

Right click on CORSAIR iCUE Software.

Click Repair.

Follow onscreen instructions.

Plug headset back in.


As a precaution, I'd recommend backing up you profiles as well before performing the repair just to make sure they stay in tact.

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