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iCue not detecting any device after update, now stuck on 96%

Winter Night

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Hey all.


I have a Void RGB Elite Wireless headset. I recently got a pop-up that iCue had an update, and so I updated the Firmware (it is now on v. 0.02) last night. It went through but right after the status read that no device was being detected. My dongle has been flashing and it seems like it won't connect to my headsets - there is no audio at all.



I followed a few simple steps, such as rebooting my laptop, restarting iCue, removing the dongle and inserting it again, switching my headsets off and on again, uninstalling and reinstalling iCue......

In a last effort (and in a highly frustrated state), I did the update on iCue again in the hopes that it might fix whatever went wrong - but I realise now that this might have been a mistake. My update has been stuck on 96% for over an hour now.


I am too afraid to abort the update, but I also can't leave it as is.


Is there anyone who can maybe help me figure out what is going on and how to possibly fix my problem?


If more information is needed, please just ask and I will respond ASAP!


Edit: I got external help and that seems to have fixed the issue.

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