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HS70 Latency on Discord Sound Effects

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I recently bought HS70 and I have some weird problem. Discord's sound effects (Like Mute Mic, Join Channel etc.) has too much latency, like 3-4 sec. Some sound effects in CSGO also has too much delay. Sometimes, I'm hearing MVP Music while we're playing next round. How can I solve this problem?


Also I have another question. Is there any way that I can change EQ settings with keyboard? I have K68 Cherry.


EDIT: I've found this thread where all Corsair headset users complain about same situation > https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360059393912-Delayed-sounds-

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Just stating that I have the same problem than you (and all the others on the discord support thread, which I had found before coming here), in case that helps bumping the issue to the top.

My headset is the void pro wireless. Whenever I unplug the wireless dongle, no more delay on discord.

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watch this post -




Just start discord in compatibility mode windows7

open %localappdata%\Discord


navigate to:


Username Appdata Local Discord app


right click Discord.exe and go to settings / compatibitlity


choose Win7 in dropdown after hitting the checkbox



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