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Virtuoso / Slipstream / iCUE issues:


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k57 wifi kybd

Wifi Ironclaw mse

Wifi Virtuoso Headset.


Installed iCUE 3.27 but then read the slipstream post on here and therefore uninstalled 3.27 and installed 3.26


But the slipstream I couldn't get to work with all three products - using thr Audio dongle as the main one.


In the end gave up and thought I would just use three USB ariels instead.


Reverted back, unsuccessfully. Tried again and got the keybd and mouse working normally, but the headset just keeps disconnecting and reconnecting in wifi mode. Works fine in USB cable mode.


Unistalled the 3.26 iCUE and installed the 3.27 - now the headset is not seen in any mode.


Ive folled the clean install of iCUE - uninstalled, reinstalled 3.27, removed from registry, and then reinstalled again - before that uninstalled the drivers and ran the trouble shooter....


Is this a known issue, is there a fix, coz im 24hrs away from returning the lot and getting Logitech - never had an issue with their wifi stuff ever.

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