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CORSAIR RM850/ individual failure on CPU line?


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Hello Everyone,


recently when I clicked the start button on my PC it wouldn't boot up anymore.

I opened it and checked all the cables etc. removed the case monunted start button and used the mainboard START button. To no avail.


I can see that there is power to the mainboard as several status LED and other knick knack lights up. The board is a RAMPAGE 2 Extreme 1366 board (fairly old by now, but it stuck with me through the years).


I didn't change any of the cables or moved parts in the computer recently. It shut down properly the night before and wouldn't start up the next morning.


My question: Is it actually possible that the RM850 can be broken on the CPU line or would it shut down entirely if any of the lines were down?


Just for info here are some specs on the PC

ASUS Rampage 2 Extreme

24GB DDR3 1600

GTX 970 Phantom


I might have to replace the whole rig, but I d like to figure if the PSU is salvageable, which would allow me to eventually repair the PC as a backup machine.


Thanks for reading!

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