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Killed by a hairdryer


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I'm a murderer. I repented, I corrected and ask for help. I want to buy "F1" and "SPACEBAR" for my K90.


Problem # 1: SPACEBAR is a Cherry type (a little horror), but F1 is a membrane type (real horror).

Problem # 2: I'm in Russia, Moscow.

Not a problem # 0: I have a card with non-russian money.




There is one more problem. Two or three LEDs flicker after turning on the backlight. After 5 or 10 seconds, they go out. How do you solve this problem? I opened the keyboard, but did not see any damage. Should I solder contacts or do something else?

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Did you see this thread?

I saw it of course, thank you! And I would readily buy the kit, but it lacks old membrane keycaps, like my K90's F1. I still haven't found them anywhere - ebay, ali, etc. They offer spacebars only. Therefore I hope for community's information.

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