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Corsair Glaive RGB Pro: Unstable polling rate with RGB enabled


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Hello guys,


as I had the feeling that my aiming in CS:GO with my Glaive RGB Pro is a little sluggish I ran MouseTester 1.5.3 to further investigate the issue.


Mouse settings set in iCUE:

- Polling Rate: 1000 Hz

- CPI: 800


If you take a look at the attached screenshots you can see the polling rate constantly jumping up an down from 1000 Hz to 500 Hz over and over again.


Now here's the thing:

If I disable all RGB features of the mouse, the polling rate is totally fine and the Glaive RGB Pro is working top notch. The irony about this: There's no point in puchasing an RGB mouse to disable RGB functionality later!


This review confirms the issue in detail:


(...) [the] mouse certainly shows how LEDs can affect performance. With any of the three RGB lighting zones active, the mouse periodically drops its polling rates, which produces serious anomalies on measurements. This means the Glaive RGB Pro is unstable with any lighting, which is just outrageous and shouldn't be overlooked if you ask me.


Once I disabled all customizable LEDs, the polling rate instantly stabilized, and the mouse performed perfectly without any errors. If you remember the Cooler Master MM830 review, this issue was present there as well, and they could solve it with a firmware update—I hope Corsair will follow their example, and I have notified them about the matter.


With disabled RGBs, all available polling rates are nice and stable, without any periodic drops or suspicious outliers.


@Corsair devs: I please you to look into this issue and to provide a firmware update in order to fix this.


Please get back to me - thank you.


Kind regards!



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