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Corsair Virtuoso SE not holding charge / low battery life


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I left my Corsair Virtuoso SE plugged in overnight and when I turned it on this morning, it indicated that it had critical battery (notification sounds and red LED).


Then I proceeded to use the headset in USB mode for around 2 - 3 hours and decided to use it in wireless mode again and, in 5 minutes, the headset indicated again that it had low battery.


Apart from what just happened today, the battery life of the headset is lackluster at best, with luck I get 4 hours of battery life compared to the advertised 20.


I have already made sure that I'm running the latest iCUE version and headset / dongle firmware versions.


Apart from RMA, is there a solution for this problem?




I'm using my headset in wireless mode in a computer that has iCUE installed, led turned green and battery status in the Software is "high". I am measuring how many hours the battery will last, I will update later with more details.

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