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5x ML140 RGB problems (never rgb in all fans)


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Hi guys, long time lurker, but now i needed an account to ask for help.


I just swapped to aircooling in my computer and that made room for two more fans where the radiator was before.


The Corsair Products in question:


5 x ML140 Pro RGB

Commander Pro

2 x Lighting Node Pro (Also tried with one)


Attached crap picture.


I had icue installed, but then all fans would be lock at around 1400rpm i think being pretty loud, and i got light only in Fan #1, which Exhaust Rear.


All fans work if i plug them into port one in any of the nodes.


Best i can do is with this config:


Node 2 (led channel 2)

Exhaust fan - port 1 (works)

Top front fan - port 2 (works)

Top rear fan - port 3 (works)


Node 1

Top front fan - port 1 (works)

Bottom front fan - port 2 (no rgb)


If i swap the fans in node 1 the other one works.

if i move them to node 2, none work.


What do i do next?



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To clarify, when you plug them all into RGB channel 2 (RGB Hub #2) in #1-5 order, 4 & 5 do not light up? In that state, swap #3 with #5 to compare a break in the circuit at the fan vs in the RGB Hub. You may also be able to test that a different way by swapping #1 and #3 on Hub #2. If #3 is a "bad fan" breaking the circuit, then it will knock out 2 & 3. If it is the Hub, then no change regardless of fan position and 4 & 5 never work.


It seems like Hub #1 has a break after port 1. Not yet clear on hub #2. You should contact Corsair directly through the Support Ticket System link at the top of this page, but likely after you figure out if Hub 2 is bad as well or there is a bad fan in the mix.

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