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Cooler not Detected! H100i Platinum


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Hey guys


I just got my new watercooling system H100i Platinum and mounted it into my PC.

When i started it, the Pump startet working and the rgb on it aswell. But the fans of the radiator didnt move at all.

After a while they start spinning and the cooling seems to work perfect (did a stresstest and temperatures were ok).


But the RGB on the fans still doesnt work and neighter can i adjust anything in icue as the pump is not getting detected properly.

In the Device-Manager it sais "unknown USB-Device"


Here is what ive tried already:


- uninstalled Icue , restarted, installed again

- removed the pump via device manager

- uninstalled icue, installed LINK

- used another USB-Port for the pump (an external aswell)

- uninstalled everything that has to do with RGB

- looked through the internet for any solutions

- doublechecked if the connectors are correctly mounted

- changed the fanspeed of the CPU_FAN to 100%


No i still cant adjust or monitor the cooling, and the RGB of the Fans doesnt work.


I hope someone can help me.


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So i switched the SATA cables of the pump and an SSD, and when i switched the PC on, smoke came out the SSD... i guess its broken.


I looked closer at the cable (which is actually from another Powersupply but has the same connector) and two of the cables were different than the one of my powersupply... so the SSD broke because of that...


The weird thing is, that when i plug in the correct SATA cable to the Pump, the fans go fullspeed but the pump doesnt work at all (temps rising), and i get the CPU_FAN Error warning. But when i take the wrong cable with the switched cables the pump works, and the Fans switch on once the CPU gets warm...


I dont want to use the pump with the wrong cable as i think it might damage it, or might have damaged it already, but with the right cable it doesnt work... im really confused, and have no idea what to do now :(

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Ive sent the pump back to the supplier now, and reinstalles my aircooler. The control unit of the pump might be broken, therefore it doesnt work with the right cable. But when i take the wrong cable, i guess the voltage is high enough to break through a transistor and get the pump working on fullspeed, maybe even overvoltage. I told my supplier what happened with the cable, and i really hope they can repair it.
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