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How to disable the speed select button?

Jeff Root

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I needed to replace my old mouse, and the wired Harpoon RGB Pro

was the best fit to my needs that Best Buy had in the store. After

some months of use, I am accidentally pressing the "speed" selector

button (behind the wheel) more and more often. The mouse then

immediately becomes uncontrollable, and I have to click the button

to get back to the slow speed setting. I don't forsee ever needing

any but the slowest speed. Is there a way to disable the button so

that it does nothing?


-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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Yow! That is an enormous program! Almost 3 times as big as

my office suite, and more than ten times as big as my graphics

program (equivalent to Photoshop). How do they make it so

huge? Lots of videos? That is an awfully big program to do

something as simple as I want. The description of iCUE doesn't

mention that it can enable and disable mouse buttons, just fluff

like changing colored lights.


I don't suppose you have any idea how the program controls the

mouse buttons? A driver? Or??? If it were as simple as adding

a key in the Registry, that would be great.


Alternatively... Do you know if there are screws under the mouse

feet? The feet look like they are glued on very securely. I'd hate

to pull them off only to find that I didn't need to, or that I still

can't get inside the mouse. If the button has a normally-open

switch, it will be trivial to disable once I can get to it.


-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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