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Setup advice (what to buy for new build)


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Hi all!


My current pc is 4+ years old and I just started having some hardware issues with the motherboard, so I’m looking to do an upgrade. I’ve currently got a 780t tower with an H110i gtx and an AX860i psu. (Also have a K95 keyboard and a M65 mouse) I figured while I'm doing this I might update my fans and cooling a bit.


First off, I'm looking at getting this MB/CPU combo:


AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

Asus Prime X570-Pro


Corsair part wise, I'm looking at:


H115i Platinum (the old h110i gtx and CPU will be moving to my server)

2x ML140 pro RGB Fans (for setting up a push/pull config on the radiator which will be installed in the front of the case)

3x iCue QL140 RGB Fans (2 up top and one on the rear)

2x iCue QL120 RGB Fans (for the bottom of the case.)


The idea is to have all of the cold air pull in from the front and bottom and then vent out the top and back.


So... Question one: is there really any benefit to have the iCue QL's over, say, the LL's? Would it be noticeable to mix and match?


Question two: what exactly would I need to get this all attached to the Asus MB and working through iCue?


From what I can tell I have 3 chassis fan headers and 2 CPU fan headers to work with. I also have 2 rgb headers on the board, are they helpful at all?


And finally, I only have 4 internal connections for usb 2.0. Is that enough considering I need at least one each for the psu, aio, fans, and lights?


I assume I'll need a single iCue Commander. How many Lighting node pro's am I going to need?


I'm trying to get it done as efficiently (wire wise) as I can. Any advice on what exactly I need and how to wire it correctly would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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