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Dark Core SE, and K63 on multiple systems.


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Hello all,


With this 'working from home' scenario, because of COVID-19, I have my gaming PC, and I have a work Microsoft Surface Tablet supplied by work.


But I only have one desk, and I was tired of unplugging my monitor/keyboard/mouse twice a day to switch from work mode to home mode.


So I bought the Corsair Dark Mode SE mouse, and a K63 Keyboard, which are both wireless, hoping to get a wireless receiver on my work computer(from one of the device), and one on my tablet (from the other device).


Well, my setup is not really working as planned, since the device is tied in to the wireless receiver. So my mouse works on wireless on my home computer, and the keyboard works on wireless on my tablet, and I have to switch between wireless and Bluetooth, to make things work properly. Not an ideal scenario.


I do not have both computers on at the same time, so I am not worried about having both receivers active at the same time.


Both wireless receiver seems to be exactly the same, couldn't they support multiple devices?

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