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iCUE 3.27 - Setting Fan Order and Rotation

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Setting Fan Order and Rotation in iCUE 3.27

Starting with CORSAIR iCUE version 3.27 you can customize the order and orientation of your fans.




This allows you to have more fine control over how custom animations are displayed on your system and saves you the effort of physically removing and re-orienting your fans or changing the ports they’re plugged in on your lighting hub should they be in the wrong order for more complex lighting effects.


Lighting Setup Tab

To get started, go to the lighting setup tab of your iCUE-compatible lighting controller and configure your lighting channels if you haven’t already, for this example, we’ll be using six LL RGB fans on a Lighting Node CORE.




You’ll notice that each fan has its own tile in the preview and they’re labeled by the physical port that fan is connected to on your controller. Each fan will light up with a unique color in the same location, making it easy to decide how you need to orient and re-order your fans if they need to be adjusted.




By moving your cursor over each fan tile, you’ll be given fan rotation controls to adjust each fan clockwise or counter-clockwise in iCUE. For best results, match the LED position in iCUE in relation to the physical fan. By default, iCUE will always illuminate an LED on the top left quadrant in the UI, so if one of your fans is displaying the LED indicator on the bottom left quadrant of the fan, you should hit the rotate button to match the LED indicator on the fan preview with the physical LED indicator on the fan.




You can also change the order of the fans by clicking and dragging each fan tile into the desired position. When looking at the preview window, iCUE lighting animations will go sequentially from ports 1 – 6 (left to right in the preview window). If your fans are displaying animations out of order, simply drag and drop those fans into the correct sequence for your system.


Lighting Channel Tab

Whatever fan orientation and order you configure in the lighting setup tab will now carry over to the lighting channel tab.




And that’s it! Note that fan orientation and order only apply when iCUE is running, if you close out the software completely your fan lighting will revert back to their physical orientation and lighting order.


TL;DR, we've now got a video.





If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us by making a thread in the iCUE section of the forum.






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