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Help with bios setting

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AMD 64 3200

asus k8v deluxe, via k8t800

Corsair twinx1024-3200c2pt DDR



I want to know what is the best setting to use my system to the full capacity with possibly some overclocking. THe pics are what my system is at with everything on auto. I know my system can run ALOT better but I can't seem to get it on my own if u need more info i will post please help- thanks in advance

Cpu-z stats:




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what should i put at limit? like 1:1? X:X i think 3:2 etc..... i did everything else u said. for the time being i put it on auto and stats are the same however the timings are different but freq is still the same. also what do u think is the highest settings for the cpu (oc'ing) it to run stable on a silent boost cpu fan? btw thanks alot wired seen u on a ton of post ur crazy man. thanks alot man enclosed is a pic



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Athlon64 OCing Guides


Haven't even gotten a chance to toy with OCing Athlon 64s myself, but the links in there may help. I do know that OCing Athlon 64s is a whole new beast though.


Hehe, thanks. I'm one of the admins, I've GOT to be crazy about this place lol! BTW, don't need to add a link to the attachment in the post. The majority of the Corsair section won't show pics in the posts.

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bro you the man!! hehe j3w truely are wired lolol aiight bro thank incase it matters i got it to 3:2 seems to be running at 144mhz rather then 100mhz but i got time and jumpers on my hand to start tryin to OC lol jumper back to clear cmos hahah ok bro thanks
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