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Corsair Commander Noob Issues


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I am having issues on getting fans to start up using the Corsair Commander Pro setup. My build is setup using Hydro X components (XD5, XC9, 240,480 Radiators along w/ ML fans). I put everything together as far as the pc parts and successfully completed the leak test in a 24hr period. The leak test was performed by following Corsairs instructions on only connecting the fans and pump and jumping/bridging the motherboard 24pin ATX connector. I connected everything as normal as far as cables to the motherboard and power supply after the leak testing. When I go to turn on the pc as normal with everything connected only the motherboard lights up. None of the fans turn on even tho they turned on during leak testing. I made sure all of the cables were connected to the power supply/motherboard. In addition, I verified my commander pro setup as far as wiring was ok. Please point me in the right direction or let me know what I should be checking. When i disconnect all of the cables going to the power supply and only leave the Commander pro plugged in as well as bridging the 24pin ATX connector then the fans turn back on. This is confusing please help.



Fans connected to Commander Pro along w/ RGB lighting hub works correctly only when leak testing the Corsair Hydro X setup. This means that only the 3 cables are going to the Power Supply (24Pin ATX Connector / Commander Pro / XD5 ).

Fans work fine in this setup but when turning off and then connecting everything up as normal then fans will not turn on as normal. Only motherboard powers up but nothing else



Troubleshooting Methods

- Completed Leak Testing with no leaks by only connecting the XD5 Pump and Corsair Commander Pro to the Power Supply. Jumped the 24 pin Motherboard Connector

- Reseated all of the connectors/cabling going to the motherboard and power supply

- Verified all of the connections on the Commander Pro


PC Components

- AMD TR 3970X

- Asus ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha

- Corsair 128GB Ram

- Corsair XC9 CPU Block

- Corsair XD5 Resevoir and Pump

- 6x Corsair 120mm ML Fans

- 1x Corsair 140mm ML Fans

- 1x Corsair Commander Pro

- 2x Corsair RGB Lightning Hub

- 1x 480mm Radiator

- 1x 240mm Radiator

- 1x Seasonic TX-1000

- other components like M.2 SSD Drives and 3.5 HDDs etc


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