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Awesome "bug" that lowers iCUE CPU usage dramatically


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Maybe this is know already, maybe it's a fluke on my system, i don't know but i found it to be pretty awesome given how resource intensive iCue is :


While looking for a way to better control led brightness, i did put all my controlers brightness to the maximum and added on each profile a static color lighting link effect set to black (color 000000).

I then use the opacity control to set my brightness exactly how i want.


What i noticed then is, as soon as opacity is not at 0 (when you start to move the slider), the CPU usage drops massively, despite the effects running as normal.


check this out (move your mouse away from the video to see the task manager on the bottom) :



This makes no sense to me, but for sure it is totally awesome, and.. maybe a cue for the programmers as to what causes iCue to waste so much CPU time?


I currently run iCue 3.25.60, my config is on my profile.

As for lighting, i have a commander pro controlling 4 HD120 and 4 HD140, one LNP controlling 5 strips, and 4 vengeance RGB sticks, so it's a bit busy.

I'd be interested to know, for those who updated to 3.27.68 if this works too, and if it also works for others on the same version as i am.


If this is common to all versions, then Corsair.. please? make it a feature by default? :)

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