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ironclaw RGB wire not working

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new RGB ironclaw connects with the 2.4 dongle but i think windows doesn't even recognize it as a usb device when i try the wire...

checked ALL usb ports and tried soft resetting the mouse and resetting pc, checked the wire and just in case also tried a different usb cable (although the connection on the mouse wouldn't even grip it so it might not have even connected physically) all to no avail...


also the mouse regularly continues to move slowly after i stop moving it, but im pretty sure this is just a wireless thing which is another reason i need to use wire


any ideas on how to get it to connect would be appreciated

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Having the exact same problem to charge my mouse and use the 2.4GHz capability I have to use a wall charger because as soon as I plug it into my computer It stops working and doesn't show up in icue even when I try to update the mouse and it just says plug mouse in and in device manager corsair mouse shows up I've deleted the driver multiple times and reset tried running as admin no luck. Works wireless but as soon as i plug it in doesn't work on any mode i switch it to
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I'm having this issue too, I've been trying to update my Ironclaw wireless' firmware but whenever i plug it in the mouse completely stops working and my pc doesn't recognize that its plugged in. I'm not sure what i should do.
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I had the same issue after updating my firmware and I was able to get it working. 

1. check for updates on the mouse. Dont unplug until its done

2. Plug in the receiver and a notification popped up to update the receiver. Dont unplug until its done

3. Plug in the mouse using the wire that comes with the mouse to your USB on your PC (This is important, because any other cable I tried did not work)

4. Remove the receiver from the converter (converts the USB to a Micro USB) and plug the receiver only into a USB slot on your PC. (This is also important because the receiver cannot be in the converter and plugged in with a separate cable, as its not recognized for some reason.)

5. Go to device setting on the mouse in the iCUE app, click pair, and then they will find each other.

This worked for mine to be able to go back to wireless after the firmware update. I hope I explained that okay and I hope this works for others. 

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