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K55 keyboard not recognized


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I'm having trouble getting my new K55 keyboard (delivered yesterday) to be recognized by my Macbook. Here's the process so far:


1. Installed the latest 3.25.60 software onto my Macbook running High Sierra (the install failed).


2. Updated the OS to Catalina.


3. Uninstalled the software.


4. Reinstalled the software.


5. Enabled iCUE in Security and Privacy Settings. Keyboard not detected.


6. Restarted the iCUE software. Keyboard not detected.


7. Restarted the Mac. Keyboard not detected.


I suspect I need to update the firmware, but I do not have a Windows machine to use in order to update it. Is there a way to get around this?


Any help you can offer would make my 9 year old cooped up in the house during the stay at home mandates a VERY happy kid.


Thank you!

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I bought a strafe mk.2 recently and had the same problem with my mac. I plugged it into my wifes windows based laptop and it worked fine. I plugged it back into the mac and it continued to work. So if you haven't tried it already, that's something for you to look at.
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