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RMA request for xms3200 memory stick


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Hi I've been having problems with my alienware computer since I received it. I tried using alienware technical support to help me with my problems.... but lets just say they always had solutions to fix something that was'nt broken every time I called... so this problem kept persisting and alienware kept thinking they could fix it over the phone so they would not let me send my computer back to them for them to look over it. I finally decided to break my warranty from them because they were not helping anyways... and I had a computer repair shop look at the pc ( this breaks the warranty because they were not alienware certified technicians ). Needless to say the repair shop found that one of my memory sticks was bad. Alienware will not send me a new one because someone other than them fixed the computer.... so is it still possible to send it in to you guys? and then receive a new one?
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