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Virtuoso - no bass anymore?

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Dear supporting people,


since the very last update (3.27.68) I can´t take the sound of my virtuoso anymore.:(:

Before the bass was flat but could be pushed with the build-in EQ. It wasn´t the way I wish it would be but I could cope with it anhow.

Now the bass is hardly noticeable although the EQ still works.




Really, that nearly non-existing bass is a joke.


Am I the only one experincing an even more flatten sound after that actual update?



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Same issue here. I just bought the virtuoso, first tested them without icue and there was a decent amount of bass. After installing the latest icue the bass was almost nonexistent, even when I used the equalizer.

As a temporary solution I manually uninstalled the drivers from the device manager, removed the latest version of icue and installed an older version. Now to bass is back again. If you don't need icue you could also use the default windows drivers. Hopefully they fix this soon.

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I started playing half life Alyx last night wearing my virtuoso. There are some opening scenes that are very bass heavy and the sound was so thin it really affected the immersion for me. I ended up pausing and switching to my Sony studio headphones to keep playing. I’ve been playing COD warzone and the bass hasn’t been bothering me, but this was really bad. Glad I’m not the only one. Corsair, where the bass at?
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Made an account because of my frustration regarding the whole bass issue...


Bass was minimal before the latest update but now it's simply non existent

no matter how much I mess with my EQ presets nothing works.

At least the little bass it had was something instead of nothing.


An official answer regarding the issue would be appreciated corsair...

We're not talking about some 30$ headset here. An update making it even worse than before is simply unacceptable.

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  • Corsair Employees

Does the audio change at all when you adjust the EQ? Also, do you have Windows Spatial Sound or Dolby Atmos enabled? Either of these will disable the EQ function in iCUE.


You can also try performing a clean install of iCUE through the steps in the article below. Be sure to backup any of your profiles as they will be erased on the process.



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