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What am I doing wrong or 2 Faulty LNPs?


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I recently built a new PC, using alot of new Corsair parts, but for the life of me cannot get the RBG lighting to work properly


I bought a Corsair Crystal 680x case which comes with the Lighting Node Pro and one lighting fun hub. I connected a Corsair H150i AIO cooler with 3 LL120mm fans. This worked for about a week with iCue, when I added a 4th LL140mm fan to the rear of the case, and then nothing worked. Except the odd single segement on the 1st fan on the H150i AIO


I have tested all fans individually on a friends PC and all work fine.


I have purchased a new LNP, and also a new Fan Hub, but still cannot get the LEDs on I get the same result as the original LNP and Hub. All fans are in the first four connectors of the hub. Ive tried every combination of settings I can find


What am I doing wrong, or have I really purchased TWO faulty LNPs, in which case, Corsair is shipping some shoddy quality. Seems unlikely.




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