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i need best perfomance in my pc, help pls


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twin1024-3200xl in ga-k8nxp-sli bios i have some question


i put:


htt width - 16down 16up


sse/sse2 instructions - enabled


err 94 enh - auto


memory hole for pci mmio - disabled


max memclock mhz - 200


ddr timing setting by - manual


cas# latency 2.0


row cycle time - 10


row refresh cyc time - 11 bus clocks


ras# to cas# delay 2 bus clocks


row to row delay - 2 bus clocks


min ras# active time - 5 bus clocks


row precharge time - 3 bus clocks


write to read delay - 1 bus clock


read to write delay - 4 bus clocks


refresh period - 2x2592


enable 2t timming - auto


its all correct ? i need best perfomance , my combo is amd fx 53 , two geforce bfg 6800oc sli mode , mb gigabyte k8nxp-sli , two western digital 10krpm and two seagate 7200rpm and twinx1024-3200xl.

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