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Issues with applications after iCUE update


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Today i was creating a new profile for my Scimitar Pro RGB, and a new update for iCUE popped up, i downloaded it and installed it, it asked me to restart my pc, so i did. After the restart apps like discord, microsoft teams were not able to launch, and iCUE deleted itself. I could not uninstall or install any of those programs, so i used Revo uninstaller. Installing still didnt work. I got the iCUE installer to work but it stops at 65% when launching services and actually tells me it isnt able to launch Corsair Services. I looked for a solution in these forums for a solid 4 hours now and i tried everything, i tried deleting register keys, i tried deleting files from appdata, both local and roaming, i tried running the setup program via administrator cmd, i tried restoring administrator powers. Nothing works and i'm getting frustrated. Thanks in advance.
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