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Cannot control fan speed connected to PWM Y splitter connected to commander pro


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Hello everyone, I just built my first pc and I'm having trouble controlling the speed of 2 of my fans.


My setup goes like this.

Lighting Node Core is connected to Commander Pro USB port

6 sp120 pro fans connected to Lighting Node CORE(all fans light up correctly)

Fans 1-4 are connected to fan ports 1-4 on Commander Pro

Fans 5&6 are connected to Rolesville PWM Y splitter which is connected to fan port 5 on Commander Pro

Hydro X pump/res is connected to fan port 6 on Commander Pro and temp sensor is connected to Temp 1 port on Commander Pro

Hydro X cpu, gpu, pump RGB are daisy chained and connected to LED 1 port on Commander pro. (all Hydro X parts light up correctly)


My problem is that I cannot control the fan speed of fans 5&6. They run at max speed. Ive also tried a silver stone 8 fan hub.


If anyone has a solution please let me know!

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Try manually setting C-Pro header #5 to "3 pin" from Auto in the iCUE Settings.


However, it would be unusual for the controller to have an issue determining fan type in this way and normally the problem is auto to 4 pin PWM, not 3 pin DC. That really highlights the splitter as the most likely suspect. Most tend to be a little on the cheap side. If you have another one, switching it out is a quick solution. You can likely test the theory another way by temporarily swapping the splitter on #5 with the single fan on 1-4. If the pair is still blasting at 100% on #2 while #5 quiets down, the splitter is likely the reason.

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