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iCUE cant detect Commander Pro


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i rebuild my pc and custom loop today, but after all i wanted to install iCUE to manage my corsair hardware. Now i have problem, after i installed iCUE, its dosent recognize i have Commander Pro.

I have:

1. Vengeance RGB PRO 4x8GB

2. 7x HD120 RGB FAN

3. RGB LED Strips.

4. Headset Void Pro Wireless

5. Headset mount ST100


- Top 3 HD120 Fans are connected: RGB -> RGB HUB #1 -> Commander Pro Channel #1 -> Motherboard via USB, PWM -> Commander pro

- Rear 1x HD120 Fan: RGB - > RGB HUB #1, PWM -> CPU FAN

- Bottom 3x HD120 FAN: RGB -> RGB HUB #2 -> Lighting Node Pro Channel #1 -> Commander Pro, PWM -> Commander PRO

- 3x LED Strips -> directly to Commander Pro LED Channel #2

- 1x LED Strip - > Directly to Lighting Node Pro Channel #2.



1. iCUE recognize RAM Memory and Lighting Node Pro (which is connected throught the Commander Pro)

2. All 7x HD120 Fans are working, 6x connected to Commander Pro. Its really anyoing becasue they working on 100% all the time

3. 1x LED Strip and 3x HD120 connected to Lighting Node Pro, are light properly.

4. 4x HD120 and 3x LED Strips connected to the commander pro dosent light and as i said before PWM signal is 100%.


I trying install and uninstall iCUE, change USB header on motherboard, uinstall Corsair HID drivers/update... nothing can work.


Any advaice what can i do ? iCUE cant load only commander pro. Before i rebuild my pc, all works great.


I wanted change fans from corsair to EKWB (with controler) and now i wondering i make mistake stay with Corsair. This is not the frist time problem with commander pro.

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