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iCUE causing memory leak (committed memory)


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With the newest update to iCUE, when the software is running, after a day, possibly day and a half (shutting down at end of day included) programs start to run out of memory and crash. You can be forgiven for thinking that it can't be iCUE..


However, This problem only presented itself the day after installing the latest iCUE update. Prior to this, a windows 10 update a week before was the only change. I disabled various programs at start-up, but left iCUE for rgb and macros but to no avail, after a day, programs would fail.


That is, until i disabled iCUE. zero out of memory instances in over two weeks. Started it back up yesterday, and have seen out of memory again.


The committed memory of my system usually idles around 10/14gb out of 64gb during games before this update. iCUE is causing it to reach 63gb and crashing things.


The previous version didn't cause this issue because the previous version didn't work either! with every iCUE update comes a new issue that makes it unusable.

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