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M65 Pro RGB sometimes doesnt work on system power up


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Hi, I have an M65 Pro RGB with K55 RGB Keyboard most of my parts are Corsair, CPU AIO, PSU, 570x case, RAM , Commander Pro , HD120 RGB fans and Corsair case led strips


Asus Viii Hero Motherboard


I have a (not Corsair) Led strip for desk lighting powered by the USB port from PC it was staying on even when the system was shutdown and having to use the led strip remote to turn them off each time when it would be better them turned off when shut down system saving me using the remote each time


In bios i found if enable ErP Ready it doesnt keep supplying power to USB ports when system was shutdown and this turned off the led strips when shutdown system but it has given mouse issue


but what this has done is when i power on the system the mouse doesnt work and i need to take out the USB and put it back in for it to work the keyboard works everytime


even before i changed this ErP setting randomly the mouse sometimes wouldnt work on system boot but it rarely happend now its happening all the time


I tried USB2 and USB 3 ports


any ideas ? :(:



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I have the same mouse and same issue for years. It's random for me, but annoying. Unplugging then re-plugging a device shouldn't have to be the case. I recently built a new system, went from Intel to AMD, I was hoping that would change things, but it did not LOL. Mouse works great, other than the boot up disconnects randomly. I tried contacting support on this and it was never resolved. My K70 keyboard did it once, but when I changed the BIOS switch to setting 1 it hasn't happened again. I tried every setting in ICUE for the mouse, it didn't change things.

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Here are a couple things you can try.

1.) Disable Fast Startup to fix USB device failure


The fast startup feature relates to hibernate and shutdown, which is designed to make computer boot faster. However, some users report that this feature makes computer performs so quickly that Windows 10 cannot detect USB device and the USB device descriptor failure appears. If that is the case, you can follow these steps to turn off fast startup.


1.) Press "Windows" key and "R" key from keyboard at the same time to open Run dialog box.

2.) Type "control" in searching box and click "OK" button. This will open Control Panel.

3.) Type "Power options" in the search box of Control panel and click "Change what the power buttons do" from searching result.

4.) Click "Change settings that are currently unavailable" link under Define power buttons and turn on password protection.

5.) Un-select "Turn on Fast Startup (recommended)" option under Shutdown settings and click "Save changes" button. Then restart computer and check if the USB device issue solves.



2.) Disable USB Selective Suspend Settings


In some cases, operating system will put the USB port in low-power mode if the USB selective suspend setting is enabled. If so, the USB drive connecting to this port won't be able to work normally and cause USB device_descriptor_failure problem. To solve the problem we can try disabling this feature via following steps:


1.) Open Control Panel and click System Security, and you can find and click Power Options. If you are using laptop, you can right-click on battery icon and select Power Options.

2.) Expand "Show additional plans" and click "Change plan settings" link which belongs to High performance option.

3.) Click "Change advanced power settings" from the lower part.

4.) On the Advanced settings tab find and expand "USB settings". Then expand the sub-category "USB selective suspend setting".

5.) Select Disabled for both "On battery" and "Plugged in" settings. Click "OK" and "Apply" buttons and reboot computer


See if either of these resolve the Mouse issue.


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I have the same mouse and have experienced the same problem since I bought it. Sometimes it only happens now and again and does not cause too much inconvenience, but other times it is every other reboot, just no rhyme or reason at all.

I built a new PC last year motherboard from a different manufacturer and was hopeful this problem would be solved, but it is no different!

I saw this thread today and did a bit more research and found another thread on here from someone having the same problems but with a different model of mouse.


I've followed the instructions from there and hope this solves it.

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Same issue here with my Corsair Schmitar RGB Moba mouse. Intermittently wont power up. Keyboard, Gamepad etc are all fine on USB, just the Corsair Mouse has this issue.

I thought it may have been my older I7 motherboard but I've just upgraded and gone from Intel to Ryzen so Motherboard, CPU and Ram have all been changed.

I also did a full reformat of Windows 10 when I upgraded all my internals.

Very frustrating.

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