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Void Pro (Sterio) Not Showing Up On ICue

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Hi I have been trying to find a post or thread about this issue but all I can fin is posts about the fancy wireless void pro's or the USB variants i and maybe many others purchased a void pro from Walmart or amazon and got the stereo variant. And like me are stumped as to why It doesn't show up in ICue and cant find any solutions i have restarted my PC several times uninstalled drivers and restarted uninstalled Icue and to no avail (also tried using my old Logitech USB dongle doesn't work) My 3.5mm jack are attached directly to my graphics card ports (cus no other ports work) but please if you can help please for the love of everything help me.
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Having similar issues am not sure icue can pick it up because it's just through the jack's there's nothing to say it's a Corsair product like the usb and Bluetooth variants my main issue is I can't get the mic to work and when I use the splitter only one ear works looking for a thread post for this issue but I think I might open one givin that no one responds to this today
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