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iCue Acting-Up After PC Was Set to Sleep


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Hi there,


Ever since the latest iCue update, my lighting as been acting a little wonky. I often set my PC to sleep whenever I get up to do something for awhile.

Now, whenever I log back in to my PC, my keyboard profile is set to the default RBG setting, and my Vengeance ram RBG profile kind of freezes and none of the lighting effects move as they're set to.

Whenever I switch to a different profile all together, the RAM lighting stays in a frozen state from the start-up profile.

There's also a red exclamation point triangle over my Ram in iCue, but there's no explanation as to what that is.


Anyone else have these problems and have found a fix?

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Did the iCUE update last week and when my Harpoon wireless and/or my Virtuoso wake if sleep, RGB return to rainbow default settings. It's very annoying !


- Try reinstalling many times (Older, newer, even beta iCUE versions...)

- Removing Windows drivers

- Removing all iCUE entries in registry before reinstalling

- Using iCUE Slipstream beta, etc


Problems always there. The only way to get back my RGB light with my preset is the restart the computer, until my mouse return to sleep and ....it revert back to Rainbow default settings again !!!



When I've updated iCUE last week, I update the firmware of my USB dongle, Harpoon wireless and Virtuoso Headset. Maybe the problem comes from the firmware....because now, the problem is present even with older version that worked before... ?!

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I have a similar problem.

Scimitar RGB mouse is not detected after sleep/resume, so uses hardware profiles, not iCue software profiles for RGB lighting, actions etc.


Reboot or unplug/re-plug mouse fixes it.

iCue 3.27.68


Support suggests uninstall, reinstall. I don't want to mess with profiles and settings just yet.

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