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SMOOTHING Mouse Pad - MM800 Polaris RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

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Good Afternoon Corsair and Fellow Tech Enthusiasts :)


I would kindly like to bring to your attention what I've noticed using 4 (four) of the MM800 Polaris RGB Gaming Hard Mousepads by Corsair.


First, I'd like to say I enjoy the lighting features; especially when you have a few of them together on your desk creating a nice "RGB light lake."


However, I've noticed, regardless of which mouse (I primarily use the 12 button Corsair mouse that people prefer for WoW since I've played WoW from the beginning) that the plastic surface on the MM800 mousepad wears within 3 months time.


The plastic surface smoothes out creating a sticky surface for the mouse that prevents the smooth tracking ability of the mouse which is easily noticable and testable, if you tip the mousepad it will LITERALLY catch the mouse from sliding all the way down the rest of the pad.


I've read on Amazon.com, Best Buy and NewEgg reviews about unhappy customers reporting this defect that is now becoming apparent.


I have also contacted Corsair customer service and was informed this is NORMAL wear and tear for the surface of the MM800 hard plastic mousepad to wear after only a few months of use.


Note: When the mouse is not being used on the MM800 mousepads I park the mouse on a HUGE cloth mousepad made by T.W.I.T. (This Week In Tech)(Former TechTV) in an effort to prevent the plastic on the Corsair MM800 from smoothing out further.


As I said, I have 4 (four) of these MM800 mousepads and they are definitly defective in this aspect.


I would have expected the usage life expectancy of this product to be much longer than a few months given the image they protect to be the top accessory and parts manufacturer alongside Razor and Coolermaster.


Corsair, I love your products and truely want to continue using them...However, please kindly advise how we can come to a resolution without having to move this issue further up the ladder which neither of us wants to deal with.


Thank you Kindly,



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