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Issue with multiple wireless accessories

Soul Prisoner

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I´m an happy owner of corsair wireless headset - had void, when that went out got meself hs70 and I´m satisfied. Because my keyboard gone wrong some time ago I was looking for some proper one (had some basic in the mean time) and when i was in shoping mood, I bought mouse aswell. So I just got it delivered (k57 and ironclaw) pluged all in and all seemed rose and shiny but then i started POE (path of exile) and after 2-3 minutes it all went to S....both keyboard and mouse stoped working (was stuck in last command - unpluging didnt help, pluging in different usb didnt help, but disabled that USB aswell) and the whole USB root was "disabled" had to plug in different MB slot with different keyboard and mouse to unstuck it and restart whole PC - tried to plug it in different roots - didnt help.


Anyone experienced this issue? I´m quite desperate I´m using them for just few minutes / hours but i totaly love them so i dont want to return them....funnily enough, the HS70 was working flawlessly through out all the issues.

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