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Headset Speakers and Microphone does not work at the same time ?


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Hello, I recently installed a Elgato HD60 to my PC. Ever since then my Void Pro Headset is giving me trouble. Yesterday at my Stream it suddenly went hayware with weird noises.


Now I'm trying to find a solution and I have some really weird things happening here like :


-Whenever I open Streamlabs OBS, entire sound goes off. It comes back as soon as I turn it off. The desktop sound goes to stream but I cannot hear anything through my headset.


-Same thing happens with WINDOWS SOUND OPTIONS. As soon as I click it Headset goes MUTE and comes back as soon as I close options/settings.


-I did realize that if I change my mic to something else like my webcam's mic, the sound comes back.


-I cannot use my microphone and my speakers on the headset anymore. Why would that happen?


So I'm out of options, do you guys have any ideas whats wrong with my Headset?

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