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My lifetime experience has been mixed as well. It's a small mechanical part. It has the ability to make noise. There is a lot of self-loathing involved after draining, installing, refilling, and then it whirs like a cheap pinwheel.


I almost put one in one of my systems last year. That build has black soft tubing, full cover CPU block, and the reservoir is in the back of the case out sight. A truly blind build. That is the one I bought. I decided not to install it. If you have clear tubes, a clear CPU block, or the clear reservoir is in sight in the case, you can pretty much tell when the fluid is moving. You can't base actual flow speed off the the perceived turn rate of the wheel, so I consider it a literal pinwheel for decoration. If you are interested in an actual flow meter that reports a signal to fan header or displays it, that may be something of more value if you like to make detailed analysis of your loop performance.

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