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Corsair ICUE Google Home/Alexa Integration


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So I created a program called RGB-VC that allows one to use control their Corsair connected products via Alexa or Google Home.




This system is comprised of three separate programs as a whole. Dropbox, Assistant Computer Control, and then RGB-VC. The First thing you will want to do is download RGB-VC and its companioning DLL file, and colors.txt. You will need to put all three in the same directory otherwise the program will not work.




After that, go ahead and download Dropbox and Assistant Computer Control off of their website: Here Scroll down till you find the example for Appending text: Here and go ahead and set it up with IFTTT and Dropbox.


For some reason Corsair Forums are editing the link to add an E after "assistant". IDK why thats happening. Just delete that E


My IFTTT ended up looking like this. https://imgur.com/a/9Af9iQ2


In the Append Text IFTTT - MAKE SURE that the file you are writing to is the same file that you downloaded "colors.txt" Otherwise the program will NOT work.



After that, you are basically done. If you ever want to switch back to your profiles for different effects (this is only for solid colors), just use your key phrase followed by the words "release control" that will release ICUE from the sdk and return control to ICUE Software.


To allow DRAM usage, enable "Full Software Control" in ICUE Settings




There are some limitations. Currently, Profile Switching is not supported, and there is a bit of delay (about 2-3 seconds) between the command execution and the colors changing. I plan to have that fixed in a future update.


This program runs in a hidden mode, so in order to close it, you must use task manager.


Full list of Colors and Downloads are on my Github - https://github.com/gracieskysoar/RGB-VC/

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