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Looking to RMA Corsair ValueSelect VS512MB533D2 Module...

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I returned from over the weekend of being out of town to discover that my home gaming PC was acting up -- it was bluescreening and throwing bios memory-size errors/Memory R/W errors up upon boot. Before I get too indepth as to the nature of the problem, I suppose a bit of background information is due:


Motherboard: Intel D915PBL (http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/d915pbl/index.htm)

CPU: Intel 550 (3.40 GHz, 800 MHz, 1MB Cache.)

Memory: 2 Corsair ValueSelect VS512MB533D2 in Dual Channel mode in their approiate slots for a total of 1024MB Ram.

All CPU and Memory settings are either locked, or have remained at Factory Specs.


The unit was assembled by myself from parts right after Christmas of 2004, and has had no additional work done to it since then. Up untill this past weekend when I was out of town, the unit and consequently the memory worked flawlessly. The BSOD aside, the unit bios messages are of more consequence... Initially, every other reboot gave either a Memory-Size-Has-Changed and reported only 736MB of RAM, or the error message 'Memory R/W Error' and again reported only 736MB of ram instead of the 1024MB it has had since it was assembled.


This prompted me to break out my usual tools for the job that I frequently use at work -- the Microsoft Memory Diagnostic boot disk, and of course, the old screw-driver; the second put aside to later open the chasis.


The Microsoft Memory Diagnostic (Available via: http://oca.microsoft.com/en/windiag.asp) right away started reporting failures, particularly with the Mats+, VMats+ and several other tests.


This prompted me to switch off the PC and then crack open the chasis to remove the first of the two modules. Upon turning the unit back on and running the test again, it reported upon boot an error and a total of 224 MB of ram -- a signature of a definate issue as that is a 512BM stick. Skipping past the error and runing the memory diagnostic test again reaulted in more of the same -- errors and failed tests.


To verify my findings, I removed the suspect module and replaced the orignal 1st module back in it's slot. No error messages upon boot, and the memory test ran overnight and reported back not a single issue. Just to completely verify that I wasn't dealing with a bad socket on the Mobo, both modules were tested independantly in each memory slot with the same results as reported previously.


As such, the suspect stick which died has been identified, confirmed bad and removed from the system (Which is operating quite happily with only 512MB of ram currently -- only one of the 2 sticks) which only leaves one thing -- An RMA authorization. I'd like to return the faulty module for repair/replacement - does the above explaination of events and actions taken allow for such, or are there additional steps that need to be taken for your end? A prompt response and resolution to this issue would be greatly appreciated.



Adam Albertson

PC/Network Tech, Bedford County Public Schools (Virginia) - Liberty Zone

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Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!


Ram Guy,


Thank you for your swiftness regarding this issue. Based on your reply, I'm going on the presumption that the RMA process has been approved and I will get started on filling out the approiate forms immediately. Thanks for your assistence in regards to this matter!



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