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I'm at a loss, Corsair Vengeance RGP Pro will not show up in iCUE


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Lian Li PC-011DX case,

Aorus z390 master motherboard,

Intel i9 9990k cpu,

Corsair h150i PRO RGB cooler,

32 GB Corsair Vengance RGB PRO RAM,

EVGA GeForce RTX 2080Ti FTW Graphics card,

1 TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus hard drive,

Corsair RMX Series RM850x Power Supply,

Corsair iCUE Commander PRO Smart RGB Lighting & Fan Controller,

6 Corsair LL120 RGB Fans,

4 Corsair LED strips


I cannot figure this out and I have looked everywhere trying to fix this issue. The other day 3-3-20 I installed the new windows update. Later I read that there were some pretty bad issues with that update so yesterday I did a rollback and went back to using the previous version of windows. Shortly after doing that I noticed that my Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Ram was not lighting up. I opened iCUE and saw that iCUE was not registering that my Ram was even present. I looked it up trying to resolve this issue. There was many things I could do like upgrade the BIOS for my motherboard, uninstall all the other programs for my other RGB components and go to an older version of iCUE. So far Ive done all of that, at one point iCUE lost my fans for my AIO cooler and I had a hell of a time getting those back. Ive uninstalled, reinstalled, upgraded, downgraded, reverted and damn near repainted the kitchen sink. After many hours of frustration I have everything back to the way it was except.... my Ram is still not showing up in iCUE...


Please what the hell can I do? Im totally lost at this moment as to what to do now.

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Yea I have done the repair and looked to see if the RGB Fusion is running and it is not. I even uninstalled it just to see if that made any difference and there was none. I am running the 3.25.60 version of iCUE, from what I have heard that version runs pretty good, better than the new version at least. So frustrating to see I got everything working like it should except the dark area where my RAM should be lit up like a Christmas tree.



This is what it should look like


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