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Carbide Spec Omega RGB - Stock fans not working


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So , i've bought a Corsair Carbide Spec Omega RGB case with a corsair H100i aio cooler. The case came with 2 hubs, the Node PRO and the Fan hub and 2 fans, HD i think they are. I've connected the fans to the port 1 and 2 on the fan hub, they'r leds are good and light up, but all the colors are active, but watching them from the sides it's only the color red. The fan hub it's connected to the port 2 on the Node Pro and the node pro with a usb to my MB. The front panel rgb line it's connected to the port 1 on the Node. I tryed switching them, but when i insert the case line rgb into the 2nd port it dosn't light up and when i unplug the fan hub cable from the node they stays active (the fans), i guess the node pro is broken or the icue isn't detecting the 2 fans. I have read that in icue the node pro is considered the carbide spec omega case, but when i put in the lightning channel 2 hd rgb fans and then select 2 fans it doesn't happen anything to my fans, just in the program where i can controll the lighting, still nothing happening to my fans.
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