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I don't know if this is an ICUE problem or I hit a combination of keys to make this happen, but I need someone's help. I just got the strafe RGB MK.2 not too long ago, this is my first Corsair keyboard and I'm loving it. Unfornotally I'm running into my first issue nothing extreme, but no idea what I did or how I did it. I was cleaning my keyboard put all the keys back together and that's when I noticed I couldn't remap my keys anymore. I personally like remapping CAPS-lock to Ctrl for gaming reason and since the cleaning, I just can't. Also noticed the three-button above the F1 through 4 keys stop working. I'm amusing what is the profile button, the lighting button and the window lock key for in-game. Before I clean the keyboard all three keys worked perfectly fine, now none of them light up with the rest of the keyboard and two of them are stuck solid red. I'm thinking I must have hit some combination of keys while I was taking the keys off, I was being stupid an doing it with my pc on. Can anyone help me fix this problem or has any experience with a problem like this? Thanks for any help.


(EDIT) okay, I guess those three buttons above the F1 row don't light up with the rest of the keyboard, but they don't work anymore. Can't lock the window key and I can't change the brightness of the backlighting on the keyboard. I don't know if profile button works i don't have any profiles, I've been using default.

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