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LL120+LL140+h100i pro with LL120white


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Hi My build is

Lian li lancool ii

Asus Tuf x570 gaming plus(no wifi)

Ryzen 7 3700x

Corsair h100i pro

Corsair vengeance rgb pro 16gb 3600htz

Sapphire 5700x cat nitro+ SE

Corsair rm650

The radiator mount is really nice but the case doesn’t have a lot of airflow. So I’m over compensating with fans. It’s a little over kill but I want the RGB; with the ability to sync and control everything together. My plan is to mount the radiator in the front radiator mount with a push pull system on the h100i pro. I’ll have the stock ml120 none rgb Hidden in the frame for the push, and the white ll120 for the pull. I’m also going to have one none rgb stock case fan on the bottom of the radiator mount blowing air through the bottom psu chamber. With two black ll120 above the psu blowing air up with one ll120 on the back, and two ll140 on top for exhaust. I don’t want the white radiator mixed in that comes with the platinum series, because it’ll throw off the look I'm going for with the all black. Though I know I need the white ll120 for to match the ml120 rpm. I’ll have the node pro from the fan packs and I plan on buying the commander pro. So finally my question is, will I run into any troubles with syncing everything together? I plan on plugging all the ll120s into the pro, and the ll140s into the node and daisy chain them. Also will I need any special hook up for my case rgb to sync with icue?

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