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Is my H110i GTX dying?


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So prior to now the system was absolutley fine for 4 years, was setup correctly in exhaust mode, custom curve for gaming, everything was peachy


Recently though anytime the CPU is under load the temps shoot to 90-100. Idle is still around 60. The fans on max in link do bring the water temps down, but the CPU stays overly high.


I don't feel water running through the pump, but I'm not 100%.

Also, the exhaust air being blown out is cold which seems weird? Should it not be hot


Any help would be appreciated as I have a dissertation due in a month, and need regular breaks for Hearthstone :biggrin:


So far I have checked all connectors, run a malware scan with norton, updated windows, checked BIOS again but nothing helps

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You have a flow issue and it’s not unusual for that specific model. High idle cpu temp will get dragged up with a continually escalating coolant temperature. Yes, the exhaust temp should be warm and about the same as the coolant temperature (H110i GTX Temp).


You need to move toward a replacement. Contact Corsair through the support ticket system in the header above or go shopping for a newer model (or both).

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