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A500 Needed More Work Done


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While the A500 is not a BAD cooler, It could've been better, I agree with everything Steve from Gamers Nexus says in this video, Maybe next time before you release such a cooler, Especially at £100 where it gets outperformed by all coolers at the same price and even by some that are cheaper, Prior to your next release of such a cooler give out samples to people like Steve, Let them use it for a month and improve in the areas they report are sub optimal as they will give you useful information.


I bought the A500 and honestly I'm not impressed, Prior to installing it I also have a Noctua NH-D15 which costs the same, And it out performs the A500 in all aspects, That's not good.


Don't brush off criticism of your product, Read it, Watch it, Improve from it.



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