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Why did Corsair abandon the Graphite Series?


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I am writing this out of disappoitment since I am in the search for a new case (replacing my Graphite 600T which does great after 10 years of service) and is so frustrating that I can't find a case matching my needs and aesthetics in the Corsair Line.


I liked so much the Graphite series because they were well designed and engineered and also having that spartan industrial look. Now most of the new models are so much glass and LED lights.


Now what I am looking at is Fractal Design Meshify S2 (well engineered, great airflow), Be Quiet Dark Base 700 (beautiful design, excellent build quality and features, mediocre airflow) and the newer Phanteks P500a. I really can't find equivalent products in the Corsair line which is a pity since I love the brand and is always my first choice throughout the years.


Their previous graphite models could surely get a refresh. I mean the 760T had a great design and could become a full meshed case, getting rid of the 5.25" bays in the front bezel, same could be done on the 780T and so on.


Corsair please get back in what were your primary traits, innovation, performance and unique style and please stop just following the trend. :sunglasse

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