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Commander pro constant usb connects disconnects


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Hi guys. Having a problem with a commander pro. Upon boot I sometimes get a constant connect disconnect usb sound which doesn’t stop. I have to rebooting until it eventually does. It’s driving me nuts as I’ve only just found the cause after several months. I have an Asus crosshair hero viii X570 motherboard with a 3900x. I have four temp probes connected 2 of which are connected to my custom loop, so it controls my 6 ml pro fans on a custom curve. What I wanted to know is now that I’ve saved my curve to device does it still need to be connected to my motherboard usb 2.0 port to function? Also is there going a fix for this? Thanks in advance
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Yeah, I've had nothing but hassle with internal USB and Corsair products.


I have two PCs that struggled


Asus X470-F Gaming Motherboard

1.Commander Pro

2.HX1200i PSU

3.Lignting Node Pro


Asus B450-I Motherboard

HX100i V2

Lighting Node Pro (Comes with iCUE 220T RGB Case)


In both cases, getting two Corsair products to work reliably is hard enough(never mind 3!)


- The commander pro 2 USB ports don't work

- No matter which motherboard USB internal headers I use I can't get all products reliably working, either not showing, or showing up but getting connects/disconnects or things like firmware updates unable to progress

- Cheap USB Internal hubs not working with them either


In both cases an NZXT USB Internal hub has worked flawlessly, not only can I connect all the corsair devices to it and they all show/work reliably but also (and ironically) the commander pro's additional USB ports also work..


I'm not sure what other internal hubs also work so well, but this is just one I found searching on here and can't recommend enough.


I keep thinking about jumping ship to Aquaero fan controllers and other Aqua cooling products, but the corsair stuff when it works is very good VFM and I actually like iCUE for configuring everything.


The only thing missing for me is having 'virtual' temperature sensors so I can do temperature differentials, like the OP I use the temperature sensors, 1 for the case internal temp, 1 for the case external temperature and 2 inline with the water loop (Pre-radiators and Post Radiators), I'd like to be able to create a couple of virtual sensors that allow me to have differential temps so I can set better fan profiles.

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I know. Because I only had the fans and temp probes connected I didn’t realise for so long that it was the commander causing the issues as the fans have worked perfectly even with the usb disconnect/reconnect sound. I’m going to see if I can get refunded on mine. Shouldn’t have to buy an internal usb hub for it to work.
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