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About H150i RPM


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Hi there.

I have H150i Pro as a liquid cooler.

But as i can see on ICUE its working slow.

When i choose "Fixed percentage 100%" its running top 1500RPM.

Used to be it could have up even 1620 RPM but now top 1500 RPM.


Is this normal?


And whats the best profile for this?

Im so tired of choosing manually.

Whats the best settings for H150i Pro.


I only play games on this computer.


Have a nice day/night.

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Presumably you are referring to the fans. 1600 rpm is a theoretical maximum (+-10%) when in free air. You may not get all of that when mounted to a radiator and faced with additional restriction. Other things like dust filters or case panels can reduce this further.


I am not sure why you are setting the fans to 100%. It is unnecessary for most uses. You have three presets (quiet/balanced/extreme) to choose from that would be better for dynamic use. You also can create custom curves to run whatever speed you want.

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Because it should be.

No other problems appear.

If I choose extreme, quiet, balanced settings, my computer freezes instantly. But if I select Fixed RPM and set it 100%, freezes disappear.


Look this is my pc :




Is there something wrong about how i install the computer case?

Or should I buy additional fans back and up? Because there is no extra fan.


This ICUE Dashboard




If I need to buy extra fans, do you have any suggestions for me?


My computer case: Crystal Series ™ 570X RGB ATX Mid-Tower Case

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In your screen shot you have a coolant temperature in the low 20s and CPU temps to match in the upper 20s. That is as low as it goes. Obviously things will warm when under CPU load and voltage, but if there were a physical problem with the cooler you would not be able to maintain a 22C coolant temp even at idle. As soon as you boot up, it would start ticking upward at a slow and steady pace until the H150i Temp got into the 40-60C range -- someplace it should never be.


You may need to examine the perceived link between the fan speed and lock ups and see what happens to the coolant temp during more strenuous use. You don't need more or different fans. That is not the issue.

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How about low speed RPM?

It can go up only 1500 RPM.


This part is normal as described above.


It seems unlikely the fan curves themselves are causing a app crash that then causes an OS freeze. However, you can test that duplicating those curves as "custom cooling modes" or custom curves.


Go to the Performance Tab, click + to create a new cooling mode. In the graph created at the bottom, there will be three shape tools in the upper right hand corner. Each corresponds to the default preset Quiet, Balanced, Extreme. Pick whichever you prefer and click it. That will create the same curve while allowing you to see the Coolant Temp = RPM points. Click on the three fans to apply it. You are now running the same as the preset, but with editable points and clearer information.

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I did it exactly like you told. But there is nothing change. I think mine is broken.

Even if i change 100% RPM it go up only 1500RPM. I saw some people using H150i Pro

even their Pump can go 2850 2900 RPM mine can go only 2760 RPM. 1-2-3 Fans are the same they r low too.


Cooling is the most important thing for me, because im playing games 24/7.

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Don’t use CPU package or core temp as the “sensor” or control variable. It’s not how the cooling process works and it will make your fans behave erratically, just as the cpu temp does.


There are two parts to the cooling process. The first is conductive. Heat is created underneath the cpu where the motherboard pins apply voltage to the cpu. Heat is the result. However, there is no way to block the heat and it must be conducted through the cpu and then to somewhere else. Whether you are a tiny air cooler, an AIO, or a massive industrial cooling system, the heat can only be moved at the rate of conduction. This is almost entirely determined by cpu design, materials, and of course voltage. We are all voltage limited. Even with a wall sized radiator you can’t run 1.50v for Vcore.


The second stage of cooling is dumping the heat somewhere else. An air cooler blows it around in the case. An AIO transports to the radiator for release. If you don’t release the heat at the same rate it is entered into the system, the cooler itself will heat up. That heat is then conducted back to the cpu. This is the difference between coolers — their ability to move the heat without getting substantially warmer. The small air cooler can go 30 seconds before there is more heat coming in than going out. It’s initial steady 100% load temp starts to tick upwards. The AIO can go 5 minutes before there is a slow tick up to +6-8C depending on type and load. The massive wall panel cooling system can expel all the cpu heat in one pass and it never goes up past the initial temperature change at the cpu level.


Fans and pump speeds only affect the rate of removing the heat from the cooling system. They cannot affect the conductive heat rate from the cpu — air or water cooling. You only need more fan speed when the coolant temp (H150i temp) goes up. Otherwise it is already removing all the heat in the system. This is basically taking out the trash. Slow and steady will get the job done. You don’t have to take it out for every blip of cpu voltage change.


There isn’t going to be any performance difference between 27xx and 2850 on the pump. Flow rate is not that sensitive. I don’t get a difference between 2200 and 4000 rpm in my custom loop with 550W to dissipate over two 360 radiators. At nearly 3x the resistance and length of the loop compared to a H150i, you would think it might matter. Still doesn’t. In regard to whether this is normal, read the post below with a similar H150i. If the pump speeds continue to drop over time, that is a problem.




1600 rpm is the maximum in free air. Most fans cannot achieve their maximum on a radiator. The resistance slows it down. This can be further impacted by other resistance like dust filters or case panels. A set of fans sucking air through a mesh case is less impacted than an identical pair trying to suck air through solid glass — something it cannot do.

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Your H150i works fine than mine.

If i change to quiet mode it goes 200 RPM XD

And the Pump too.


If you put the pump and fans into Quiet mode and they drop to 200 rpm each, there is problem. Neither is capable of running that speed. If this is true, you need to examine the pathway of power from PSU to SATA to cooler. Is the pump LED dim or off?

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Coolant temperature is the native and proper control variable for the cooler. It is shown to the right of the pump display in the iCUE Performance tab and is labeled H150i Temp.


You have been using cpu temp as the control variable on a fan curve not designed for that range of values. The end result is going to be erratic fan speeds that match the volatile nature of the CPU temperature.

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