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PC with TX650m and Asus Prime X570P doesn't start


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Hi there, I'm building a PC with this hardware:


- Asus Prime X570P

- Ryzen 5 3600

- Enermax Liqimax III Argb

- Corsair TX650m

- Western Digital SSD 500GB

- G.Skilll 16gb (2x8)

- Gigabyte Geforce 2080 Super


The system turns on, with all the fans operational, but I don't get a video signal or any power in my USB keyboard.


The TX650m has only a 8 pin connector, while the motherboard has a 12 (8+4) pin connector. I guess this is the problem, but I don't see any other 4 pin connector that comes with the TX650m. What can I do?


I tried to plug 4 pins of a 6 pin PCI-e cable but that way the PC doesn't even start (no lights, no fans, nothing).





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lower rated PSUs do not have enough EPS12V/ATX12V cables so go look for one on the corsair site where they can provide one for about $5


My X470 and X570 both need dual power cables for the motherboard. This is likely to handle the increased power for slots.


If you are not using the slots then the one 8-pin cable is adequate. I assume that only one video card is being used etc.

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The motherboard does not need that 4-Pin connector. It only needs 24-pin and 8-pin. I have the same board and works perfectly without the 4-pin.

According to ASUS the board needs the 4-Pin connected when using LN2 and extreme overclocking.

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